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English version : NAO 2007, des résultats positifs

lundi 12 mars 2007

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Latest news from the ongoing NAO

(Mandatory Annual Negotiation between the top management and the unions).

General remarks

The negotiation outcome is positive : when you look at the excellent performances of the company, for sure, we could have expected more. However, we clearly noticed a listening effort by the company top management.

This said, it’s unfortunate that the top management was not sensible enough about important matters like the ETAMs wage policy, the rising of the lowest wages in general and the gender gap (in terms of wages and career opportunities).

The official figures

- Pay rising : 3% of the wage bill (masse salariale). Promotions and premium wage readjustments (whose target populations are still under discussion) are not part of this budget ; both specific wage rising policies relying on a separated and additional envelope.
- Almost the same bonus of last year : 8% of the wage bill for the staff (until level 9 included), 10% based on personal goals and 10% based on the success of the company’s goals for the management (level 10 and above).
- The top management committed that both the 3% (in average) wage rising and the 8% (in average) bonus will be applied to each position level.

Our proposals « accepted » by the top management

- Premium wage rising on specific populations : our proposal to increase the wage rising for developers working on old technologies that will be decommissioned (ex. TPF) is still under investigation / discussion.
- On the PEELT, the company contribution will rise to 450€ (from the current 360€)
- Paternity : the company will fully cover (salary) the 11 days, the way it is done today for the maternity.
- The oncall allowance / compensation : agreement in principle on the compensation rise and on the reward of the call-in (evaluations / discussions ongoing about the corresponding amounts).
- Company sponsored fund to favor long term trainings : still under investigation

Top management unilateral decision

The salary will be guaranteed during the maternity leave to all employees, even when part of the company since less than one year.

Help desk

The top management organized a specific and additional negotiation with the unions in order to reorganize the Help Desk : we are currently awaiting a detailed proposal.

Subjects that will be negotiated during the second half of the year :

- Trainings
- Contractors
- Policies to manage senior employees career
- The GPEC (Gestion Prévisionnelle des Emplois et des Compétences) : employment and skills forward-looking management (mandatory negotiation since 2007).
- Unions rights
- Retirement improvement

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